Thursday, 29 March 2007

Bow West Decides

Bow West is a much bigger branch and there was better representation tonight of candidates "lobbying" members. Due to time restraints I have not "worked" Bow. However, I was able to chat to a number of local members while we waited for the doors of the centre to be opened. I'll be very "busy" in the next few weeks!

Click on the photo to expand.

Local residents passing by were most amused about what we were doing and why! Only two more selections meetings to go.


DrHuq said...

Hi Ayub, you said yesterday that I never add comments to your blog so here is one. Nice photo. Keep up the good work - Rupa Huq (Bow West nominee)

DrHuq said...

Hi Ayub, nice photo. Keep up the good work - Rupa (Bow West Nominee)

Ayub Korom ALI said...

Congratulations Rupa – well done!