Saturday, 24 March 2007

My Priorities for Bethnal Green and Bow (side 2)

My Priorities for Bethnal Green and Bow We need to get people into work.

• Tackling unemployment and ‘worklessness’ in our community, especially amongst young people and women, will be one of my top priorities.

• I will work with local employers, especially in Canary Wharf and the City to open more doors for local people. Public services matter – health, housing and education affect each and every one of us.

• I will fight for local people to be given a larger role and voice in the way public services are delivered.

• Among our public services, my priority is push for more investment in social housing. Without solving housing problems we cannot renew our support with traditional Labour supporters. The shortage of housing is a root cause of discontent exploited by far right parties. The London 2012 Olympics is an opportunity of a lifetime for local people and businesses. people and contracts for local businesses.

• I will work for greater investment in the local environment and businesses in Brick Lane so they can ensure that it becomes an international visitors’ destination. We should celebrate the ethnic diversity of the borough while working together to build a better Tower Hamlets for everyone.

• We should ensure that all our communities have access to the opportunities and resources we have in the borough. Discrimination should have no place in our society. It is down to every one of us to help save the planet. We can all make a contribution, no matter how small. • We all have a responsibility to protect our environment so that our children and future generations can live safely.

• We must ask ourselves what we can do as individuals to keep our streets clean and our environment free from pollution.

• We must involve community organisations in recycling.

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