Saturday, 24 March 2007

Ayub Korom Ali for Bethnal Green & Bow (My latest "calling card": side 1 text only)

Bethnal Green and Bow is a unique place with a vibrant population.
Our rich diversity, strong tradition of self-help and the spirit of
community create a constituency second to none. If we can use this
strength constructively Bethnal Green and Bow can be a place we
can all be proud of. I want to make this constituency that place. This
is why I want to be the MP for Bethnal Green and Bow.
I have served the people of Tower Hamlets for the last 25 years, as a
community activist, a Labour Party member and a local government
officer. I grew up locally and am completely committed to this
community. Now I want to serve you as your Member of Parliament.
Our number one priority should be to win this constituency back
from Respect. I believe the seat is ours and we can win it back.
We must work together as one community to drive Respect out of
Bethnal Green and Bow.

I am asking you for your support.

Ayub Korom Ali


Someone Who Won't Be Voting For U said...

There's nothing to win back. I loved the Labour Party, and I always thought that the Labour Party was the solution to problems of the working class people in the East End. I was wrong, or rather, I was wronged. And so were all the people who worked so hard to get Labour elected in 1997. Respect is the only answer to wolves in sheeps' clothing. Thats waht New Labour are. Right-Wing Neo-Cons pretending to be Left-Wingers who actually care about the people that they govern rather than the size of their wallets.

Ayub Korom ALI said...

At this point only eligible Labour Party members can vote for me. However, while I “respect” your point of view. I think you are very wrong about the Labour Party and I hope you change your mind before the next election. There is no alternative to the Labour Party. Except the Tories.

Is there any reason why you cannot “comment” in your real name?